Liver Disease: Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?

Last updated: Nov 18, 2014 at 6:47am

Did you know that 1 in every 15 Americans is likely to be diagnosed with liver disease at some point in his or her lifetime? It is caused by a number of things and sometimes leads to cirrhosis, which is often fatal. Both conditions are treated at our San Antonio gastroenterology office by Dr. Dar and Nurse Practitioner, Suzanne McGregor.

Understandably, the symptoms for liver disease and cirrhosis are similar in some respects. In the early stages of either disease, chronic fatigue, a loss of appetite, and swollen or bruised legs may be present. In the later stages, all of the stated symptoms as well as spider veins, itchy skin, jaundice, severe weight loss, and severe abdominal pains will exist.

Before either disease is diagnosed, tests are run. Common tests include, a liver biopsy, liver function blood panels, and an ultrasound. After the tests have been run, a diagnosis will be given and a care plan recommended.

In the event of a liver disease diagnosis, our gastroenterology team will work with the patient to remove the irritant. Alcohol, diabetes, viruses, parasites, and dietary elements are just some of the known irritants. Afterward, it may be necessary for our team to reexamine the liver to see if the swelling has subsided.

In addition to addressing the list of potential liver irritants, Dr. Dar and N.P. McGregor will often attempt to find ways to potentially reverse the existing damage. If the damage cannot be reversed, such is the case with cirrhosis, other relief measures may be taken. For example, a low sodium, low protein diet may be recommended. And diuretics or laxatives may be an advised supplement. To learn more about how Dr. Dar and N.P. McGregor treat these two conditions, please contact us today.