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  • Dr. Seema Dar

    Dr. Seema Dar,
    M.D., F.A.C.G.

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Our doctors and staff at Stone Oak Gastroenterology are committed to your quality care. With many years of gastrointestinal experience and surgical expertise, we seek the best possible course with your full understanding and knowledge.

There is a wide array of symptoms that occur with internal diseases and conditions. This may take more than one visit due to diagnostics and tests but the extra effort will prove invaluable for your health.

Our board certified physicians and practitioners are the best in the profession and our happy patients telling their family and friends is our primary source of referrals.

If you’re satisfied with your care, please fill out an office survey and go to Healthgrades. We appreciate you telling your family and friends. Thank you!

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      Stone Oak Gastroenterology
      19284 Stone Oak Pkwy. Suite 102
      San Antonio, TX  78258, USA
      Phone: 210-268-0124 Fax: 210-268-0146
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