Have you turned 50? Time to schedule that colonoscopy appointment

Last updated: Jul 27, 2014 at 9:11am

One of the more frightening for many men of a certain age is getting a colonoscopy, something that doctors recommend starting at the age of 50 and reoccurring every five year. The idea of having a probe inserted into one’s rectum can be daunting even for the bravest person. But it is actually not all that bad. Indeed the most aggravating part takes place the day and night before.

In order to prepare for a colonoscopy, you will be obliged to take a number of medications and supplements that is meant to cleanse your colon. As this implies, this will have you in the bathroom for quite a while. Reading material is suggested in this case,

Just to compound the aggravation, you will be prohibited from consuming anything but water for a time before your appointment. So hungry, a little drained, and perhaps a little light headed, you report for your appointment. This is actually the easy part.

After filling out all the forms, you will be dressed in a hospital gown with the open back and laid down on a table on your side. A nurse will insert an IV that will pump a general anesthetic into your blood stream. The general experience is that you will close your eyes and the next sound you will hear will be, “We’re done, wheel him away.” In other words you will be asleep when the thing is done.

You will stay in a recovery room for a while as the anesthesia wears off. Since it will be unsafe for you to operate heavy machinery, your spouse, some other family member, or a close friend will be along to drive you home to a well desired meal.

The only thing left after that will be the consult with the doctor who will show you the pictures of the inside of your colon, noting the benign polyps that were found and snipped away, and admonishing you to include more fiber in your diet. If something more serious is found, then you will have the comfort of knowing it was caught early, as that is the whole idea of having a regular colonoscopy.

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